Small Slow Hay Feeder

I finally designed and built a Slow Hay Feeder. I started off with a size that could fit a whole bale, but decided to cut back to a smaller one that could just hold 2-3 flakes. The Interior of the box is about 2'x2'. I'm using pressure treated wood. The sides and wall are actually... Continue Reading →

DIY Shoe Rack

I decided I wanted to upgrade the "Shoe Rack" by the front door,  I needed something a little bigger anyway to hold more shoes. So if you're in need of something similar, read on for how I built mine! I built this one a few months ago now, this is more of a guide for... Continue Reading →

DIY Build: Window Cat Door

Hello Fellow Cat Owners, Don't have an exterior door to install a cat door? Neither do I. But, I do have a window that my kitty can climb through to get onto the front porch where she loves to hang out and chase lizards.                      ... Continue Reading →

DIY Rustic Dog Bed

Hi Friends Here's a pretty easy project for your four-legged friend. I built this (with the help of my boyfriend) fairly soon after adopting my dog. I wanted a spot for her to sleep besides my bed (although she still sneaks up there often). (Please excuse the lack of quality of my pictures. Cell phone... Continue Reading →

DIY Compost Box

Hi Friends, On a beautiful cool day in Florida, I decided to go to my local Lowes and pick up some cedar wood to build this little compost box for my garden. I had some leftover cedar laying around from some Pickets I bought earlier in the year I used for Planter Boxes.This is a... Continue Reading →

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