How to Fix the Root Cause of Mysterious Stains in Bed Sheets/DIY Dryer Felt Seal Repair

Have you noticed brown/red spots in your bed sheets, white clothes, or other thinner fabrics? They look like rust spots or burnt spots but you've been racking your brain to figure out where they could be coming from. Here's a possible solution to this problem, that I was having for months. First, let me post... Continue Reading →

Small Slow Hay Feeder

I finally designed and built a Slow Hay Feeder. I started off with a size that could fit a whole bale, but decided to cut back to a smaller one that could just hold 2-3 flakes. The Interior of the box is about 2'x2'. I'm using pressure treated wood. The sides and wall are actually... Continue Reading →

DIY Shoe Rack

I decided I wanted to upgrade the "Shoe Rack" by the front door,  I needed something a little bigger anyway to hold more shoes. So if you're in need of something similar, read on for how I built mine! I built this one a few months ago now, this is more of a guide for... Continue Reading →

DIY Build: Window Cat Door

Hello Fellow Cat Owners, Don't have an exterior door to install a cat door? Neither do I. But, I do have a window that my kitty can climb through to get onto the front porch where she loves to hang out and chase lizards.                      ... Continue Reading →

DIY Build: Saddle Stand

Hi DIYers, This project is geared for the Horse-Back Riders out there. Or for anyone looking to build a handmade gift for a horseback-rider: a DIY Wooden Saddle Stand, with storage to keep some saddle cleaning supplies and/or other small tack. I'll show you how I built mine, but it can be tailored to your... Continue Reading →

Front Door Facelift

For the past few weeks, Eric & I have been working on repairs & updates to my rental property, since it's between tenants now. Here I wanted to share one of the major transformations, and how some sweat-equity can save lots of money. The Front Door Facelift! This was really Eric's project while I worked... Continue Reading →

Building A Garden Fence

Hi all, This past weekend's project is out in the yard- building a solid garden fence! I say that because my little corner of the yard did have a fence, but my dog leans on it all the time, it's ripped, warped, she goes under it and gets through. So now I mean business! Oh,... Continue Reading →

DIY Rustic Dog Bed

Hi Friends Here's a pretty easy project for your four-legged friend. I built this (with the help of my boyfriend) fairly soon after adopting my dog. I wanted a spot for her to sleep besides my bed (although she still sneaks up there often). (Please excuse the lack of quality of my pictures. Cell phone... Continue Reading →

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