Hay Feeder Update

It's only been a few days since I put out the Slow Hay Feeder (Original Blog on how to build this HERE), but it looks like it's working well. Yesterday, when I got home from work, I noticed that Jasper had somehow worked the lattice out of the box. Eek! So I headed to the... Continue Reading →

Barn, “Before”

Our house came with a 2 stall barn with a little run out area in front, and a lean-to. Cute from afar. But when we got up close to see what repairs it might need, we found a lot of issues we needed to address.                 The barn... Continue Reading →

Bringing Home a John Mule

On April 20th, 2018, we finally brought home a 4-legged farm animal to our little homestead- a 10 year old Grulla Mammoth Jack x Quarter Horse John Mule named "Jasper." I had seen his ad on Facebook from last summer and had it saved for many months, thinking "I'm going to contact this person when... Continue Reading →

Scenes Around the Homestead

I'm still learning to use my new "Big Girl" Camera and I've been taking about 1000 pictures just to keep about 5. This morning was a cool and foggy one and it was beautiful. Here are a few scenes around the Homestead this morning.

The New Homestead

For nearly the past two months, I've been moving into my new home (and getting the old one rented out). A 1.75 acre peaceful retreat. Nestled in a peaceful country setting but not too far from work or town.  There's nothing but pastures behind us and undeveloped land to the West and behind us. The... Continue Reading →

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