Chicken Coop Modifications

It's only been two months since the chicks moved into their coop and run, but I've already come up with things I want to change to make it better. First, the CHICKEN FEEDER I had the traditional kind sitting on a brick on the coop floor, but it took up so much space! So I... Continue Reading →

Bringing Home Chicks & Building a Coop

On April 9th, Eric and I decided to bring home three baby chicks from our local 4H club to raise for eggs. Two Australorps, and one Buff Orpington. Two were 4 weeks old and one was 2 weeks old at the time. We had them in a cardboard box on the back patio for about... Continue Reading →

DIY Compost Box

Hi Friends, On a beautiful cool day in Florida, I decided to go to my local Lowes and pick up some cedar wood to build this little compost box for my garden. I had some leftover cedar laying around from some Pickets I bought earlier in the year I used for Planter Boxes.This is a... Continue Reading →

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