About Me

Hello & Welcome to my Blog Page! I’m Jen- a 20-something year old living on the Space Coast of Florida. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and I’ve been working for the space & defense industry ever since. By weekend though, I am an avid DIY-er. I started to learn DIY Home repair at a young age and was taught that being a girl didn’t prevent me from learning to pick up and use a power tool.  Since beginning my career, I’ve realized I really enjoy working with my hands, building, creating, and bringing my visions to life.

My boyfriend Eric and I (and a small clan of animals) moved into our little 1.75 acre homestead in September 2016 and there is a lot of work ahead of us. We both enjoy DIY and often team up on things. So here I’ll share our projects on anything from painting a bedroom to building a chicken coop to DIY Furniture. Plus, some updates, special moments, and lessons learned on our little homestead.

I began taking pictures of my projects years ago, with a desire of sharing my work to inspire and encourage others to learn that they can tackle their own projects too.
I started this blog to pursue a dream of mine and am excited to share my passion and empower others to Build & Create.

I hope you find something interesting or inspiring on my blog.

Thank you for stopping by!



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