DIY Potting Bench

I’ve been mixing up soil and planting seeds all from the ground which has started to get too tiring, so we built a potting bench!

I used Ana White’s “Simple 2×4 Potting Bench” plan here and made a couple modifications, one being length and the second being the cross brace wood size. Instead of 42″ long, I made the bench 48″ long. Not only is the extra 6″ great for putting two stacks of soil on the bottom shelf, but it makes cutting 8′ boards much easier. Just cut them in half, and no scrap.

Here are some photos documenting the build:

For the cross braces, we used 2×4 instead of 1×4 because we had extra laying around. If we had just one more piece, we probably would have attached a horizontal 2×4 that the braces would attach to (instead of the braces attaching to the table top directly). But, it’s OK!

Below is a picture of another modification we had to make a couple days after building: The 1×4 boards were warping, so we added a piece of wood running down the center below the table top to attach the boards to. If you wanted this table to be super sturdy, you could opt to use 2x4s instead of 1x4s for the table top. You might not experience as much warping.

I stained the bench with something very light (extra stain we had laying around.)

And here we go! I got to seed starting right away. Below are a couple photos to show what a 48″ long bench can fit. On the bottom, two stacks of soil with space to spare for a couple watering cans.

And it even doubles as a pizza making station when making pizza on the outdoor oven.

Thanks for reading!

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