Barn, “Before”

Our house came with a 2 stall barn with a little run out area in front, and a lean-to. Cute from afar. But when we got up close to see what repairs it might need, we found a lot of issues we needed to address.


There was some rotten trim in the back.


The roof was half metal, half shingle. A little odd…My guess is there was some leftover panels from the Main Roof and it was used here.


The plywood was doubled up in the back, and rotted through.


Solid walls are great for protection from the elements, but here, you can see the plywood is bowed out.


The boards for the Run Out weren’t too bad; just some peeling paint.



A couple water-damaged spots on the roof.


The base trim in the back was rotting. As water runs down the walls, there is no where for it to go but sit on the ledge there, rotting the wood.

The barn looked like this for a long time before we even touched it. We kept going back and forth on what we wanted the barn to look like, what we needed to repair, and how much money we wanted to put into it.

Stay tuned for the “During” pictures…
Thanks for Reading!

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