Bringing Home a John Mule

On April 20th, 2018, we finally brought home a 4-legged farm animal to our little homestead- a 10 year old Grulla Mammoth Jack x Quarter Horse John Mule named “Jasper.” I had seen his ad on Facebook from last summer and had it saved for many months, thinking “I’m going to contact this person when we’re ready.” I’m not sure what had struck my brain one day but finally I reached out to the owner to see if Jasper was still available. Eric & I went out to look at him the following weekend in Ocala, 2.5 hours away. We loved him! We spent the next 1.5 weeks working hard to finish our barn! At this point, the siding was all removed, and that was about it. The roof still needed to be removed and replaced, some side boards added, some new paint, and a stall gate built and installed.


Jasper, our John Mule on his arrival day…getting into his hay pile.
I just love his long ears!



He enjoys hanging out under this maple tree. You can’t tell from this angle but it’s right by the chicken coop.


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