Chicken Waterer Ver. 3

I’ve once again changed the Chicken Waterer! The vertical chicken nipples leaked water like crazy! So after a bit of research, I found another option.

I bought a pack of 5 Horizontal Chicken Nipples (LINK HERE) and then a 3 gallon water dispenser (LIKE THIS). I’m not sure how durable the plastic is yet, it seems fairly thin but I’m guessing it will hold up fine for this application. Obviously, the dispenser portion isn’t required. This is much easier to fill up and to see the water level.


Water Jug with Horizontal Chicken Nipples installed. Put a little bit of silicone around each nipple before threading it on.


The pins are spring loaded and allows the water to sit on the little “ledge” where chickens can drink from.


Installed in the Coop! It is 3 gallons smaller than the old one so there is small wiggle room here, but it sits in there nicely!


I put down some bricks in the coop because the dripping water was making a mess of the shavings. But now it doesn’t leak so the bricks are dry!


Hope this helps!

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