Chicken Coop Hatch Door

Here’s another Chicken post!
After the coop and run were all built, my top complaint was that our Barred Rock, Ophelia, would jump up into the coop while I had a door open to clean, refill water, food, etc, and Escape!! She is pretty smart. And quick. Once she got in there, I had to close the door or else I knew she’d get out. So, I needed something that would keep them out while I had the door open.

So, Eric devised this Hatch Door for me.

Chicken Coop Hatch Door Open
We had some corrugated roofing around So Eric cut a piece to a size just a tad smaller than the coop entrance
I had a bunch of Paracord from old crafting projects, so Eric used it to tie to the hatch door on one end and a hook on the other end, which just just hooks onto the woven wire.
This started out as an “S” hook, Eric bent in one end to create a loop. The knot on the Paracord is a “TautLine Hitch” so the rope can be tightened if it loosens.
When I need to get in the coop, I close the Hatch Door first by un-hooking this end from the wire and letting it go.
Chicken Coop Hatch Door Closed
When the hatch door is closed, the hook just sits there freely.


Close-Up. The Corrugated Roofing is actually nailed to a piece of 1×8 cut to width, (see next picture for size). The 2x2s side blocks are attached to the coop with small hinges. The Paracord is attached to the Door with an eyebolt.


Snapshot from the underside.  Nails got hammered down. Notice the 2×2 blocks are angled where they attach to the 1×8 .
Paracord attached to eye hook on the hatch door.

If you have escaping chickens, I hope this helps you!

The escapee.



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