Building A Garden Fence

Hi all,
This past weekend’s project is out in the yard- building a solid garden fence! I say that because my little corner of the yard did have a fence, but my dog leans on it all the time, it’s ripped, warped, she goes under it and gets through. So now I mean business!

Oh, and I decided to let the garden “go” for the summer this time around. I tried last summer and had little success. That’s when I learned not much grows well in the intense Florida summer heat & humidity. Also it was just uncomfortable for me. SO with that mind, yes I know the garden looks like a jungle!


This was my “fence” Eric & I installed last summer. It’s green plastic stapled to 2 x 2s. Not very sturdy. As you can see, it’s warped quite a lot.



My dog, Kona, loves to stand on the fence when she barks at the squirrels that run on the power lines, so there are tears like this.



It’s Gone!



All the Posts are in! After the first two, we started hearing thunder and saw some heavy clouds up above. We thought we were racing the storm but it just drizzled a bit and the wind and cloudy skies felt great to work in! We used 6′ 4x4s (much sturdier) and put them almost half way in the ground! It’s a bit much perhaps, but our backyard is pure SAND and even 30″ down, the earth wasn’t that hard-packed soil you need for long-term sturdiness. The welded wire I bought is 36″, so we left about 40″ of the posts out of the ground.



Welded Wire installed on the short side of the fence! Honestly, I was surprised I actually like the look of this simple fence! I like that it doesn’t really obstruct your view as you look across the yard. It doesn’t stand out much.



Well, we had already bought 1x4s to frame the outside, so we put up the first few to see what it would look like. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to keep them or not, but it probably adds some important strength to the fence, which is needed for my leaning-on-the-fence-dog.



Welded Wire installed on the long side of the Garden.



Finished framing the outside with 1x4s. The sides are 28 3/4″



And lastly, the gate! The gate was made my sandwiching Welded Wire between 1x4s. We tried so hard to make everything nice and square, but we still came out with a gate that was just not quite. Oh well. At the end of the day, I love it and am super excited to get the inside of this garden looking as awesome as the the barrier that protects it from a crazy dog and chickens!  I think it looks great, and puts the rest of our fence to shame. I’m not ready to start on the inside, it’s still too hot here, but at the end of August, my little corner of the yard is getting a serious Facelift!

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