Bringing Home Chicks & Building a Coop

On April 9th, Eric and I decided to bring home three baby chicks from our local 4H club to raise for eggs.

Two Australorps, and one Buff Orpington. Two were 4 weeks old and one was 2 weeks old at the time. We had them in a cardboard box on the back patio for about two weeks while we built the coop, and then the run. Below is a link to a quick video on Youtube of our build. My pictures got far and few in between towards the end there. All in all, the coop is 3′ x 6′ and the run is 10′ x 6′, which gives each hen much more space than what is considered the “general rule of thumb” space for each.

Watch Building a Chicken Coop Time Lapse Video on Youtube



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