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DIY Potting Bench

Building a Potting Bench using Ana White’s Plan with a few modifications.

DIY Fly Trap (H-Trap/Manning Trap)

Do you have flies and other biting bugs? If you have any outdoor animals, I’m sure you have your fair share of some of these bugs. At my house, we use a multi-step approach to fighting biting bugs and one is this fly trap. Based on the concept for an H-Trap or Manning Trap, you… Continue Reading →

Hay Feeder Update

It’s only been a few days since I put out the Slow Hay Feeder (Original Blog on how to build this HERE), but it looks like it’s working well. Yesterday, when I got home from work, I noticed that Jasper had somehow worked the lattice out of the box. Eek! So I headed to the… Continue Reading →

Small Slow Hay Feeder

I finally designed and built a Slow Hay Feeder. I started off with a size that could fit a whole bale, but decided to cut back to a smaller one that could just hold 2-3 flakes. The Interior of the box is about 2’x2′. I’m using pressure treated wood. The sides and wall are actually… Continue Reading →

Barn, “Before”

Our house came with a 2 stall barn with a little run out area in front, and a lean-to. Cute from afar. But when we got up close to see what repairs it might need, we found a lot of issues we needed to address.                 The barn… Continue Reading →

DIY Shoe Rack

I decided I wanted to upgrade the “Shoe Rack” by the front door,  I needed something a little bigger anyway to hold more shoes. So if you’re in need of something similar, read on for how I built mine! I built this one a few months ago now, this is more of a guide for… Continue Reading →

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